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Strengthen by its enormous success of single unit customizable boots, Stand 21 offers now totally customizable gloves for an order of one pair only.

You can order your gloves with FIA 8856-2000 or SFI 3.3 certification in a vast array of colors, embroidered with almost any graphics.
This is produced using design technology, safety and comfort that have formed Stand 21’s reputation for over 40 years.
Like the racing suits and shoes, you can now test different colour combinations on our gloves online!
Please click on the models below and enjoy your "test session".
Gants Stand 21 gloves Gants coutures extérieures II Outside Seams II gloves Gants Daytona gloves Gants Carrera Coutures Extérieures Outside Seams gloves Gants carrera gloves
Outside Seams II
FIA 8856-2000
FIA 8856-2000
Carrera Outside Seams
FIA 86
FIA 86

From 1 pair only!
Turnaround Time: 4 to 6 weeks.
For the different part of the gloves, you can choose from red, royal blue, black, yellow, dark green, light green and white.

For some part, you can choose from extra-colours as following: Silver, grey, Navy blue, sunset blue, vintage blue, orange and brown.